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How will my 9-1-1 address be determined?

The addressing scheme used in the rural areas of Talladega County and Lincoln City Limits in Talladega County is based upon distance. Each 1/1000th of a mile (5.28 feet) is a potential new address.

All addresses translate into mileage. The numbering starts at the beginning of the road and increases to the center of the structure, driveway or parcel's center (if less than 200 feet of road frontage) in that order. The resulting number is the address. There are slight deviations to designate addresses on the left or right side of the road. Odd numbered addresses are always on one side and even numbered addresses are on the other. This method of addressing is invaluable for Emergency Responders. As soon as a call is dispatched, responders know exactly how far down the road from its beginning a structure actually is, and on what side of the road. For instance, if you live at 1102 Somewhere Road, you live one point one (1.1) mile from the beginning of the road on the right.

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