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Questions about how addressing is done, posting an address, obtaining an address, etc.

How will my 9-1-1 address be determined?

The addressing scheme used in the rural areas of Talladega County and Lincoln City Limits in Talladega County is based upon distance. Each 1/1000th of a mile (5.28 feet) is a potential new address.

Why do I have to stake my driveway or have a permanent driveway before an address can be assigned?

If a structure does not exist then the driveway is the key point of the address. It is the only part that intersects the road, and therefore the only reference point to assign the address.

Why are address numbers so long?

9-1-1 selected an addressing system that was understandable, easy to use, and would allow for growth. That is why an addressing scheme that has one thousand addresses per mile was chosen, the drawback is of course a long house number. The house numbers are necessary to allow for future growth, without having to change the numbering again.

Will my new 9-1-1 address and number be the last address I'm assigned?

Nothing is forever, but it is intended to establish permanent addresses for all residents. There have been several address discrepancies located in all areas of Talladega County and the addressing staff are continually working to correct issues as they are identified. If you think your address or another address in your area is incorrect please do not hesitate to contact the Talladega County Business Office at 256-761-9119 so that an Addressing Technician can verify the address. An incorrect address not only effects that structure but also the surrounding area.


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