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Address Request

Talladega County 9-1-1 staff strives to have an address assigned within three to five business days from receiving the request. However due to several factors such as address discrepancies, private drive naming, or staffing levels, that goal is not always met.

For more information about addressing please visit the Address Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


Enter the road name or road number where this property is located.
The address number of the nearest neighbor.
Is your property on the side of the road with Even or Odd address numbers?
OPTIONAL - Enter a lot number
OPTIONAL - The Parcel ID Number
OPTIONAL - The GPS coordinates for the property
Property to be Addressed
Choose the type structure, If you select Other - enter a type in the field provided
Enter a description of the building or property to be addressed.
A very obvious and distinct marker is best.
Requesting Person's Name and Current Address
Full name of person requesting the address
Enter the address you use now.
Enter the City of the address you use now
Enter the two character abbreviation
Enter the ZIP COde of the address you use now.
Enter the phone number for the person requesting the address.
Optional - Enter a name only if different from the requesting person
OPTIONAL - Enter any comments or special instructions that will help process your request.
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